Workshop on Development of Policies for USJP

A Workshop on Development of Policies for USJP was held on 24th August 2018 at the Fingara Club. Vice Chancellor, Senior Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Deans of Faculties, IQAU members as well as some other academic and administrative staff members attended the workshop which was conducted by Director of IQAU, Senior Prof. Samanthi Senaratne and Quality Assurance Consultant Prof. Kalyani Perera. One of the observations during the Institutional Review and Programme Reviews was that even though certain key aspects of the University are indeed in practice, no related policies have been developed and implemented accordingly. Thus, IQAU organized this workshop to develop the policies for USJP. In the workshop, 18 policy documents were developed by several groups under the main themes of Academic, Administration, Research, Human Resources, Finance, Outreach and Students. These policy documents will be submitted to Senate and then to Council for approval.

Programme Reviews of FHSS and FMSC

The Programme Review of study programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) of USJP was held from September to November 2017. Programme Review is concerned with how a Faculty assures itself and the wider public that the quality and standards of its programmes of study are being achieved and maintained. Altogether five Programme Reviews were conducted in FHSS by clustering all the programmes offered. The five Self-Evaluation Reports (SER) for Programme Reviews of FHSS were developed by five teams led by the Dean, Prof. D.P.S. Chandrakumara. Currently, the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) is preparing to go through the PR as well. For this, FMSC has already submitted 12 SERs for all the programmes offered by the Faculty. The visits from the review teams are expected to begin in November.

Institutional Review of USJP 2017

USJP underwent the Institutional Review 2017 as per the Quality Assurance Framework of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Higher Education. The purpose of the Institutional Review was to analyse and test the effectiveness of the institution’s processes for managing and assuring the quality of academic activities undertaken. The Self-Evaluation Report (SER) for Institutional Review of USJP was developed by a team led by the Director of IQAU, Prof. Samanthi Senaratne. A number of presentations, meetings and discussions were held throughout the process for this purpose. After the submission of the SER to the UGC, a team of five external reviewers appointed by the UGC visited USJP from 13th November to 17th November, 2017. The final review report is yet to be received by USJP from the UGC.